Glamour Shots Photographer Chicago

The glamour shots photographer Chicago citizens can trust for remarkable photos is Roland Lim Photography. This type of photography has been around almost as long as the camera. Of course, this probably comes as a surprise to most people, because we think of glamour photography as a craze that started in the 1980’s.The real history behind glamour photos started in Hollywood with the introduction of film, although glamour photographs can be found before that the true art started in the 1920s. It was during this time that new techniques were developed, such as using screens to soften the face. The glamour shots of actors and actresses continued through the 1960’s and faded for a while before reappearing and being accessible to everyone in the 1980’s and 1990’s this form of glamour shots photographer Chicago residents and the entire country had never seen. 
Suddenly, the glamour shots photographer Chicago residents didn’t have access to before was available at your neighborhood mall. Unfortunately, unlike the pictures the movie stars have made, these photos would rarely look like the individual. This genre of photography has evolved, and, the glamour shots photographer Chicago residents use at Roland Lim Photography offers a better version of you that won’t embarrass you in the future.
Don’t worry; you will still look glamorous because that is the point. However, our glamour shots photographer Chicago customers will appreciate more for his skills, while you will have a professional make-up, hair, poses and wardrobe that highlight your best features. Roland Lim Photography produces an artistic balance between glamour and reality that is more in-line with the original style of photos in the 20s through the 40s. The glamour shots photographer Chicago residents are assigned to has the talent required to utilize lighting, props, and backgrounds to enhance your outer beauty so you look like a star without being overdone. 
The glamour shots photographer Chicago patrons want to get the highest quality pictures can be found at Roland Lim Photography, where we employ state-of-the-art techniques to achieve amazing results. It is not uncommon for us to mention using black and white photography for your glamour shots. One reason is that everyone looks better in black and white naturally. This is one reason why we always look at old photographs with envy. Roland Lim Photography utilizes some fantastic lighting and softening methods that are perfect for black and white photography, but do not translate as well into color. The effect is truly magical.
Roland Lim Photography is the glamour shots photographer Chicago clients flock to for a fun experience and outstanding results. A glamour shot photo session is a great gift for someone you love. We listen to what our customers would like their pictures to evoke, whether it is the “Hollywood Golden Era” or a 1940s reminiscent pinup look. We know you will love the results you get, when you schedule an appointment with our glamour shots photographer Chicago residents will find conveniently located in the neighborhood.