At Roland Lim Photography, we get asked all the time what headshots are, and why would I need them. Well, this is an interesting question because many people who traditionally wouldn’t have needed a headshot in the past could benefit from having them done now. The traditional headshots taken at Roland Lim Photography include pictures done for aspiring models and actors, as well as established models and actors that need their headshots updated.

Roland Lim Photography has several photography studios Orland Park, IL residents can visit to get black and white, as well as color headshots required to build up your portfolio if you are trying to be an actor or model. We utilize a two-person team to ensure you have the highest quality head shots available. This team will include a professional photographer and an assistant, who will take charge of your hair, make-up, wardrobe, and posing throughout the sitting. This helps us provide you with the professional quality headshots agencies want to see.

In addition to the traditional head shots for models and actors more and more people are learning that headshots can be an important way to enhance your career. We work with businesses all the time to take head shots of employees to include on websites, business cards, bios, presentations, and more. We can also do individual portraits Chicago residents can utilize to enhance their resume and use on social media to give a more professional appearance. This is critical to success, because we have the skills necessary to make you look your best rather than using a picture that a friend took, while you were at the beach or a restaurant.

Headshots can also be an important part of fashion shoots. At Roland Lim Photography, we have a wealth of experience working with the fashion industry to create amazing pictures that showcase clothes, jewelry, purses, and more. Head shots are a great way to present jewelry, hats, hair accessories, and wigs in their best possible way. It can be hard for someone to visualize what a piece will look like when worn. However, a headshot can provide the customer with a better understanding of how to wear an item, as well as how it looks when worn. This type of headshot is not traditional, but it is effective.

Roland Lim Photography offers more than just headshot photography. We also specialize in a variety of photography options, including senior portraits, family portraits, boudoir photographs, maternity pictures, family reunions, wedding pictures, engagement portraits, and lifestyle photography. You can view our gallery online and see some of the headshot photography that our studio has done for happy customers. You can also learn more about preparing for your session and get to know our talented photographer.

At Roland Lim Photography, we are here to capture the moments of your life that matter to be shared for a lifetime. We also want to help you succeed with your modeling career, acting aspirations, or landing your dream job. The right head shot could make all the difference!