Senior Portraits

Senior portraits are some of the most important pictures taken during your high school years. Your senior year as a student denotes you are getting ready to move on in life whether you go to college or already have a job lined up for yourself after you get out of school. Roland Lim Photography is proud to do senior portraits. We use a special combination of mood lighting and have unique cameras that will capture your image. Your senior portrait will be lucid and one that will bring back memories as you mature and reflect back on memories from the past. Roland Lim Photography is a company that takes tremendous pride in the pictures we produce. We let you tell us what kind of photos you desire and then collaborate with you to come up with locations, wardrobe, make-up, and hair styles to create the photograph you envision.


Roland Lim Photography has a long history of producing exceptional photographs that capture special memories, such as newborn photos, family reunions, and senior portraits. These pictures allow you to capture treasured moments for a lifetime of memories. Roland Lim Photography provides a variety of photography options that include traditional cap and gown pictures, as well as, photos using graduation year markers and more. We do outdoor natural light and studio photography. Our professionals will capture the essence of your personality and your senior portrait that goes beyond the ordinary.


Professional senior portraits are a great way to preserve your years in high school in a way that stands out from the rest of your classmates. In addition senior portraits can also be used to enhance college applications to provide more personality and help you stand out from the crowd. There is a lot of competition at the most popular colleges and providing professional senior portraits can enhance your chances to be accepted by giving you a more personal touch.

Many times people think of senior portraits as just an option for graduating high school seniors; but senior portraits can also be an amazing way to capture your college graduation. These professional photos can be used on your resume the same way they can help you get into a college to improve your chances of landing a great job once you graduate. This type of photography can be done with cap and gown as a keepsake, but can also include more professional pictures to be used for your job search. Roland Lim Photography can help you choose the right look for your resume photos, as well as poses, locations, and treatments that make your finished product more professional.

Senior portraits are not just for graduates. Many families use senior portraits to capture aging loved ones to immortalize the people they love. Senior portraits of grandmothers for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day can be a great way to share your love with all of your family members. In fact, many retirement home’s use photographers, such as Roland Lim Photography during these special times to save memories for families before their loved one passes. We look forward to capturing your memories no matter what it may be.