Headshots are photographs of people’s faces, neck, and shoulder area that reflects the appearance and personality of the subject. Roland Lim Photography does professional head shots of people using the latest equipment and digital imaging technology. Review our session prep link on this website for tips and suggestions on how to look your best for headshots photos from Roland Lim Photography. We have one of the best photographers in the business, and we serve Olympia Fields, 60461, Champaign / Urbana, 61822 and Danville, 61832. Our company also does business with the greater Chicagoland area, the entire state of Illinois, and out of state customers who are seeking a professional photographer that understands how to capture the image you desire for your headshots.

Headshots are required for actors and models, but in today’s world of the Internet and social media, headshots are important for all professionals. Having a photo on your resume, bio, or LinkedIn account provides a more personal touch and can help get you noticed by employers. In addition, many companies are including pictures of employees with a short bio on their website using professional photographers such as Roland Lim Photography. It gives the organization a more human touch and allows potential customers to connect a face with the person they are working with on a sale, project, or event.

As the Internet makes the world a smaller place, companies will often work with individuals from around the world. In most cases, you may never meet face-to-face, so providing headshots of your sales staff, corporate leaders, and associates gives your company a personal touch. It also helps to build bonds and customer loyalty because the people interacting become “real” to each other and not just a voice over the phone or a name on an email. Because the world is a smaller place today, Roland Lim Photography recommends headshots for everyone, including residents of Olympia Fields, 60461, Champaign / Urbana, 61822 and Danville, 61832.

For actors and models, head shots are an absolute requirement and Roland Lim Photography’s portrait studios can help you get the best pictures possible to help boost your career. Our website offers tips on how to prepare for your session, including everything from choosing the right clothing to applying your makeup. We will also help you determine what your best side is for profile headshots, so you send out the most flattering photos available.

Roland Lim Photography recommends that senior photos include head shots as part of your portfolio, whether you are graduating from high school or college. These headshots can be used for college applications or as part of a resume for individuals starting to search for a new job after graduation. We all know that jobs are hard to find and anything you can do to make yourself stand out is a good thing. The same can be said for senior photos taken at portrait studios as a way to improve your chances for being accepted at your preferred college. Please contact Roland Lim Photography today for a consultation and more information.