Glamour Photographer Tinley Park, IL

Glamour photography is a special genre of photography that typically involves females. The subjects of these photos have their hair, make-up, and clothing chosen by professional artisans to create a glamorous look that brings out the best in every individual. The pictures can range from alluring to sophisticated depending on what you want your result to be. A glamour photographer Tinley Park, IL clients want is one that has the capacity to create beautiful shots that accentuate a woman’s assets, while distracting from any flaws. Here at Roland Lim Photography we have the right photographer to take your glamour shot and make it exactly what you want.

We all remember the glamour photography boom in the 1980’s. Everyone was rushing to get their glamour shots done. The glamour photographer Tinley Park, IL customers will find today is much more refined and subtle. The old way of doing glamour photography was to slather on tons of makeup and create the biggest hairdo possible. Although you thought the pictures you had made were amazing then, you might be shuddering at thought of them now. In fact, many of the glamour photographs are tucked away out of sight.

Fortunately, the glamour photographer Tinley Park, IL customers will find at Roland Lim Photography is a completely different animal. Of course, the goal is to make you look beautiful, but we accomplish this in a much more subtle and appealing way. Glamour photography now incorporates the use of props and scenery to create different moods. Roland Lim Photography will also utilize different types of lighting to bring out your best features and hide flaws. The glamour photographer Tinley Park, IL clients work with now is more like the Hollywood photographers from the “Golden Years of Hollywood.” Have you ever looked at photographs of movie stars from the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s? Now, this is what glamour photography is all about.

Roland Lim Photography tries to capture that same appeal in a modern format. The use of black and white photography is a trick that a great glamour photographer Tinley Park, IL residents find as a staple. The reason is simple. Everyone looks better in black and white, and the use of this medium automatically gives the photographs an air of sophistication that is hard to achieve in color. Of course, we are also a glamour photographer Tinley Park, IL clients can come to for color shots, as well.

Roland Lim Photography works with you to create the glamour shots that you want. Whether you want to look like a Hollywood starlet from the 40’s or a runway fashion model, we can help you achieve the look you are after. Our session prep information provides great advice for how to look your best for your sitting. If you are unsure about the type of glamour photographer Tinley Park, IL customers want, we welcome you to browse through our gallery to find different examples. This will help you find the look you want for your glamour shot session.