Glamour Photographer Orland Park, IL

A glamour photographer Orland Park, IL residents can count on for amazing photographs is Roland Lim Photography in Orland Park, IL. Glamour photography has been around for ages. Many of us have the misconception that glamour photography was created in the 1980’s, but that is far from the case. Most of the glamour pictures were started in the 1920s, 1930, and 1940s. The trend continued into the 1950s, but with the free-spirited 1960s and 1970s glamour photography faded away for a decade.  The early glamour photos were based on movie stars, models, and pin-up girls. Then the 1980’s and 1990’s came along and brought a new form a glamour photographer Orland Park, IL hadn’t seen before.

These establishments were set-up in malls all over the country and offered the opportunity for regular people to get hair and make-up done by professionals to have glamour photos taken of them looking like movie stars. The problem with these photographs is the people in the picture rarely look like themselves, and the hair and make-up was typically was overdone. Fortunately, the glamour photographer Orland Park, IL residents will deal with at Roland Lim Photography is completely different from the embarrassing photos of yesteryear.

Of course, we are going to make you look glamorous, because that is the point. However, today’s glamour photographer Orland Park, IL customers will discover has a much better grasp on “glamorous” than the former studios had. Roland Lim Photography creates works of art that mirror the glamour of yesteryear. We focus on creating the most beautiful you without making you look like someone no one will recognize. This glamour photographer Orland Park, IL residents will find uses lighting, props, and backgrounds to enhance your outer beauty. There is still the need for hair and make-up, but our goal is to provide you with something a movie star would be proud to put in her portfolio.

The glamour photographer Orland Park, IL customers can count on for quality pictures that will make you look fabulous is Roland Lim Photography where we utilize the latest technology, as well as the techniques used for the original glamour shots of the past to ensure you get great results. For instance, we often recommend that our customers consider black and white photography for their glamour shots. Have you ever noticed how people always look better and classier in black and white? The lighting and softening techniques that can be used with black and white photography can create a magical effect.

At Roland Lim Photography, we are a glamour photographer Orland Park, IL clients can depend on for great pictures and a fun experience. We listen to you and help you create the look you are after. Whether you want to recreate the “Golden Era” of movies or your own version of the pin-up, we can help you capture just the right look and ensure that you will look fabulous in the images you get. We encourage you to contact us today to set up an appointment with our glamour photographer Orland Park, IL residents will find just around the corner.