Modeling Portfolios

There are many models out there trying to start a career for themselves. Modeling portfolios can make all the difference when you go on interviews to find your niche in the modeling world. Roland Lim Photography specializes in modeling portfolios. We also do headshots, actor headshots, portrait studio work, senior high school student portraits, regular portraits and pictures of anything else that you desire. It is challenging to succeed in the world of modeling. Image is everything when it comes to modeling, and modeling portfolios can help jump start your career in the right direction. Roland Lim Photography serves Olympia Fields, 60461, Champaign / Urbana, 61822 and Danville, 61832. We also serve the greater state of Illinois and all out of state customers.


Like most things, the modeling world has changed considerably over the years. It used to be that only super skinny, very young, and beautiful men and women could be models. This is no longer the case. In fact, many modeling agencies look for people that have a unique style, look, or personality. Even the average Joe or Jane can become a model and make money, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for quality modeling portfolios that include both headshots and full body photos. Roland Lim Photography has years of experience using amazing equipment and unbelievable talent to create modeling portfolios, actor headshots, and traditional head shots that can be used to get you into a modeling agency.

Roland Lim Photography will also provide modeling portfolios in our portrait studios or any other venue you choose. We work with individuals and modeling agencies, including people and agencies located all over the United States, as well as Olympia Fields, 60461, Champaign / Urbana, 61822, and Danville, 61832. Agencies can rely on Roland Lim Photography to provide their clients with professional modeling portfolios that will help get results. We work with all of our clients to capture the essence of your personality, which is the best way to get noticed.

Our Modeling portfolios and headshots are an excellent way to accentuate your social media pages and build interest in your career. More and more, people are being discovered over the Internet, so including your photographs on social media pages, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and MySpace is a great way to kick start your career. It can even help you land a modeling agency contract. At Roland Lim Photography we provide you with session preparation information that will help you look your best.

Our session preparation information is effective for all forms of photography, including modeling portfolios, head shots, actor headshots, family photos, senior portraits, and more. Roland Lim Photography wants you to look your best whether you are trying to get a new job, break into modeling, become an actor, or just capture a special moment in your life. We recommend that you review our session preparation information prior to coming to the studio. We are also happy to discuss different background options, locations, and other factors that will make your photographs and image exactly what you want. We look forward to creating modeling portfolios for you soon.